About Us

Fairchild Automotive is a family owned business. We pride ourselves in providing Affordable, Friendly, and Reliable service to our Chico customers. We appreciate your business and feedback and are always striving to exceed our customer's expectations. If you every have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me directly at 530-345-9739.

Cathleen Moyer, Owner


Daimeon Victorian


Daimeon used to own Victorian Auto here in Chico and is ASA certified. He is also trained as service writer and is very easy to talk to. He is well know for his Outstanding Customer Service!

Antonio Baraja

SMOG Technician Contact

We would like to introduce our new Smog Technician Antonio Baraja! Antonio graduated top in his class at Butte College. We are so excited to have him on our team! Smog tip of the day: your car will not pass a Smog Inspection if your check engine light is on! You have to address the check engine light problem before you get your smog! There are all kinds of reasons why it might be on! Don't ignore it, come in to get it checked out.

Hours and Directions


Monday through Friday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm


80 Pavis Court
Chico, CA 95928