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By being honest with our clients and using the highest levels of quality parts and services, Fairchild continues its reputation of dependable repairs and reliable maintenance. Whether you are just getting an oil change or a major service, Fairchild technicians are trained and certified in every procedure. All parts and service are guaranteed for 12 months and/or 12,000 miles from the NAPA Auto Care Nationwide Warranty. So, you can be assured that only the latest and up to date procedures are used in repairing your car or truck.

Smog tip of the day: your car will not pass a Smog Inspection if your check engine light is on! You have to address the check engine light problem before you get your smog! There are all kinds of reasons why it might be on! Don't ignore it, come in to Fairchild Automotive to get it checked out.

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Let us check your tires, brakes, oil, fluids, and windshield wipers before you hit the road this Spring!

Purchasing a used Car!

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It’s always exciting to get a new car – even when it’s used. But it can feel like you’re going out on a limb a bit when you buy a used vehicle. I mean, people sell vehicles for a lot of reasons. Maybe they just wanted a new car, maybe there was something wrong with it, and maybe there was something really wrong with it.

It’s a great idea to order a report from a vehicle history service. This can uncover title problems and may reveal serious accidents or flood damage as well as any recall notices for the vehicle. Maintenance and repair records

are a plus, but most sellers don’t have them. Of course the best thing is to get a professional to perform a used vehicle inspection. The inspection will go much deeper than just how good the vehicle looks and drives. You’ll get a feel for the vehicle’s overall condition, the status of major safety systems, and an indication of how well it has been maintained. You’ll get a good idea of any work that needs to be done – and that will help you determine an appropriate value for the vehicle.

It’s pretty easy to see how a used vehicle inspection is worth the cost. If problems are uncovered, you can either steer clear of the vehicle or bargain for a better price. If everything is OK, you’ll have a plan for addressing any routine services that should be done, not to mention a whole lot of peace of mind.

It’s easy to fall in love with a vehicle – just don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment. Have our pros at Fairchild Automotive perform a used vehicle inspection so that you’ll know if you’re getting a peach, or a lemon.

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